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20mm DC 6V 22RPM Large Torque Gear Motor


Voltage: DC 6.0V
No-load speed: 22rpm
Locked rotor torque:

1. Standard Operating Conditions

Item                                 Specification
Rated Voltage DC 6.0V
Gear Ratio 1/195
Rotation CCW/CW
Motor Position All position in horizontal
Temperature 0 – 30 Degree Celsius
Humidity                                     30% – 95%

2. Performance of  Motor

Item Specification
No-load Speed 4500 +/- 10%rpm
No-load Current 35mA (Max)
Stall Current 420mA (Max)
Stall Torque      

3. Performance of Gear Motor

Item Specification
Outer Speed  22 +/- 10%rpm
No-load Current    60mA (Max)
Stall Current 420mA (Max)
Stall Torque (Max)
Rated Torque
Rated Current 180mA (Max)
Rated Speed          15 +/- 10%rpm
Noise        50dB

4. Dimension

Item               Specification
The Outside Shafft Length              10.5mm
Shaft End Play 0.05 – 0.50mm
Screw Size  M2.5
Diameter of Shaft  4 x D 3.5mm
Outline Mounting Dimension Refer to the Outline Drawing

5. Product  Drawings

6. Curve Drawings

Package Included:
1 x Motor

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