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DC 12V 35/60/65/110/220rpm Worm Gear Box Reduction Motor


Rated Voltage DC 12V
Material Metal
Gear Box No-load Speed 35RPM/60RPM/65RPM/110RPM/220RPM
Shaft Size 6 x 14mm / 0.24inch x 0.31inch (D*L)
Main Body Size 78 x 31 x 25mm (L*W*H)
Shaft Shape D shaped shaft
Motor Pins Number 2
Quantity 1pcs


This type is miniature worm gear DC motor, which can change shaft rotation direction while the wiring positive and negative be changed.
It is also have addition two characteristics: first, With self-locking, the output shaft can not rotation when switch off, that is self-locking. Second, Gearbox output shaft and motor shaft are come to be a rectangle.
It is widely used in various of ocns that require special install size.

Package Included:
1 x DC Motor

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