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Closed Loop CNC HSS86 Hybrid Driver with Nema34 Servo Stepper Motor 12N.m Set

Model: 86HSE12N-B32
Drive: HSS86
VAC: 18V-70V
VDC: 24V-100V
Current: 6A
Torque: 12N.m
Rated Speed: 1000rpm

Encoder Leads
EB+:yellow EB-:green EA+:black EA-:blue VCC:red EGND:white

Red:A+ Green:A- Yellow:B+ Blue:B-

1. Low heat (static, the current is almost zero, no heat).
2. Smoothing (based on the feedback vector space vector current control algorithm and vector smoothing filtering technology,
the traditional stepping motor troubled low frequency resonance has a very good resistance).
3. Applicable industry: dispenser / woodworking machine / welding machine / screw machine / zipper machine /
winding machine / placement machine / packaging machine / engraving machine / laser machine / LED / electronic equipment.
4. Large torque output in some cases can simplify the complexity of the machine.

Package Included:
1 x Driver
1 x Motor
1 x Coding Line

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